Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're thrilled that the Barfield Forum is "up"! And I personally am thrilled to be "on" it! (I think Barfield might have enjoyed tracing the uses of prepositions in English...) In upcoming weeks I hope to post in just about every thread, but most devotedly in "Creative Nonfiction," where I believe there is fertile ground for examining how Barfield's writings on the evolution of consciousness give us--writers and readers alike of the burgeoning field of cr nonf--fascinating ways to think about literature in general and this genre in particular. I'm just now looking at the relatively recent writing on "Theory of Mind" in relation to narrative--which dovetails notions of the evolution of consciousness beautifully. So...be on the lookout. I'll be back soon.

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TerryH said...

I guess it's pretty much intuitive what creative non-fiction is. Right. Do you have a working definition for those of us not so up on the latest in theory as we might be? Thanks.